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Athena waterATHENA    1472195_10151841731769151_1271432152_nCountertop

Our Premium Countertop Ionizer Drink the Cleanest! How does UltraWater contaminant removal compare with other brands that just use basic old-style carbon filters? There is no comparison. Independent, EPA certified laboratory testing in the USA, confirms that 99.9% of virtually all tap water contaminants are removed. This next generation in filtration technology removes pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, pesticides, chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, and other chemicals. Give your family the cleanest and best tasting water free from dangerous contaminants!

Counter top

The Athena is the top performing unit in independent US EPA certified lab testing.   Investing in the Athena gives you the very best in return: top performance and features, ease of use, durability and styling. You also invest in the certainty of Emco Tech, the world’s leading manufacturer of ionization technology. When it comes to performance, technology, durability and features, the Athena represents the absolute zenith in countertop ionization.

  • Dual Filtration for cleaner water – including The BioStone Filtration System
  • Top Performance for the healthiest water – the latest Mesh Electrode technology
  • Unparalleled durability – the patented DARC Cleaning System eliminates the scale buildup which deteriorates performance in all other ionizers
  • Unrivalled functionality. You never have to wait for a cleaning cycle – never even think about cleaning! The Athena gives you three installation options, counter top, direct pressure or undersink. And the Athena is has the most beautiful styling available!

318548_421780177891275_326758561_n UltraWater Tested to remove up to 99.9% of the toughest to filter contaminants including: Pharmaceuticals       Pesticides         Disinfectant Byproducts          Heavy Metals Chlorine / Chloramines      InorganicChemicals    VOC’s UltraWater is the only filter with credible EPA Certified Lab


Ultra pHresh Ionizing Shower Head + Filter

Your Dream Shower is Now a Reality

Let relaxation rain down! The patented technology in our Ultra pHresh Ionizing Shower Head creates a noticeably different shower experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. The ionizing plate contains a unique technology that generates 400,000+ negative ions per cubic centimeter. Inside a natural vitamin C gel filter (equivalent to 3,000 lemons) removes harmful chlorine and adds natural moisturizers that can help relieve skin irritations. It also conditions and softens the water without using any harmful chemicals. You will feel rejuvenated, as if you have been standing under a waterfall full of negative ions. Tested over many months by AlkaViva management, the unaminous conclusion was that the pHresh shower head produced the best shower experience ever. Just like drinking ionized water, you really have to try it to feel the difference. The Ultra pHresh Ionizing Shower Head will bathe you in a strong, powerful and satisfying stream and is guaranteed to give you the most embracing (gentle yet firm) shower you have ever experienced. Yet at the same time you benefit from using about half as much water and energy as other conventional shower heads. So, not only do you get a truly unique shower experience, it is also a great money-saver. And if you live in a very hard water area and the head clogs from mineral buildup leaving you with an unsatisfying water flow then the patented ionizing plate is removable so you can easily clean it. Enjoy your Ultra pHresh shower for years to come. You will never want to shower under anything else. We are so sure you will love this shower experience that you can return it any time in the first year for a full refund of your purchase price!

Get clean. Get ionized. Get Ultra pHreshed!

Shower head


4 thoughts on “Yucatan Water Alka Viva

  1. Water, The chemistry of life.
    Whenever we attempt to determine whether there is life as we know it on Mars or other planets, scientists first seek to establish whether or not water is present. Why? Because life on earth totally depends on water.

    A high percentage of living things, both plant and animal are found in water. All life on earth is thought to have arisen from water. The bodies of all living organisms are composed largely of water. About 70 to 90 percent of all organic matter is water.
    The chemical reactions in all plants and animals that support life take place in a water medium. Water not only provides the medium to make these life sustaining reactions possible, but water itself is often an important reactant or product of these reactions. In short, the chemistry of life is water chemistry.
    Water, the universal solvent
    Water is a universal, superb solvent due to the marked polarity of the water molecule and its tendency to form hydrogen bonds with other molecules. One water molecule, expressed with the chemical symbol H2O, consists of 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom.
    Standing alone, the hydrogen atom contains one positive proton at its core with one negative electron revolving around it in a three-dimensional shell. Oxygen, on the other hand, contains 8 protons in its nucleus with 8 electrons revolving around it.
    This is often shown in chemical notation as the letter O surrounded by eight dots representing 4 sets of paired electrons.
    The single hydrogen electron and the 8 electrons of oxygen are the key to the chemistry of life because this is where hydrogen and oxygen atoms combine to form a water molecule, or split to form ions.
    Hydrogen tends to ionize by losing its single electron and form single H+ ions, which are simply isolated protons since the hydrogen atom contains no neutrons. A hydrogen bond occurs when the electron of a single hydrogen atom is shared with another electronegative atom such as oxygen that lacks an electron.
    Polarity of water molecules
    In a water molecule, two hydrogen atoms are covalently bonded to the oxygen atom. But because the oxygen atom is larger than the hydrogen’s, its attraction for the hydrogen’s electrons is correspondingly greater so the electrons are drawn closer into the shell of the larger oxygen atom and away from the hydrogen shells. This means that although the water molecule as a whole is stable, the greater mass of the oxygen nucleus tends to draw in all the electrons in the molecule including the shared hydrogen electrons giving the oxygen portion of the molecule a slight electronegative charge.
    The shells of the hydrogen atoms, because their electrons are closer to the oxygen, take on a small electropositive charge. This means water molecules have a tendency to form weak bonds with water molecules because the oxygen end of the molecule is negative and the hydrogen ends are positive.
    A hydrogen atom, while remaining covalently bonded to the oxygen of its own molecule, can form a weak bond with the oxygen of another molecule. Similarly, the oxygen end of a molecule can form a weak attachment with the hydrogen ends of other molecules. Because water molecules have this polarity, water is a continuous chemical entity.
    These weak bonds play a crucial role in stabilizing the shape of many of the large molecules found in living matter. Because these bonds are weak, they are readily broken and re-formed during normal physiological reactions. The disassembly and re-arrangement of such weak bonds is in essence the chemistry of life.
    To illustrate water’s ability to break down other substances, consider the simple example of putting a small amount of table salt in a glass of tap water. With dry salt (NaCl) the attraction between the electropositive sodium (Na+) and electronegative chlorine (Cl-) atoms of salt is very strong until it is placed in water.
    After salt is placed in water, the attraction of the electronegative oxygen of the water molecule for the positively charged sodium ions, and the similar attraction of the electropositive hydrogen ends of the water molecule for the negatively charged chloride ions, are greater than the mutual attraction between the outnumbered Na+ and Cl- ions. In water the ionic bonds of the sodium chloride molecule are broken easily because of the competitive action of the numerous water molecules.
    As we can see from this simple example, even the delicate configuration of individual water molecules enables them to break relatively stronger bonds by converging on them. This is why we call water the universal solvent. It is a natural solution that breaks the bonds of larger, more complex molecules. This is the chemistry of life on earth, in water and on land.

  2. Nutrients for Healthy Mitochondria
    Oxygen is necessary for cellular respiration and energy production, but it must be carefully handled within the cell or the mitochondria will be damaged. Five nutrients necessary to restore and maintain healthy mitochondria are:

    L-carnitine – for the proper oxidation of fats within cells
    Coenzyme Q10 – is necessary for the synthesis of ATP, and prevents free radical damage within the cell
    Alpha lipoic acid – helps regenerate vitamins E and C after they are oxidized
    Vitamin E – protects cell membranes from free radical damage. Try to get non-synthetic vitamin E.
    Vitamin C – inhibits the oxidation of cholesterol and supports production of the antioxidant glutathione.

  3. Even “approved” drinking water under EPA standards may contain specified amounts of contaminants, lead, arsenic, mercury, radioactive particles, and other toxins that can wreak havoc on your digestive system and entire body.
    So, pay attention to the water you drink. Opt for pure, filtered water over tap or bottled water, and strive to drink eight 8-ounce glasses each day. This will not only help you stay properly hydrated, but will also help your digestive system keep things “moving” and minimize digestive distress.


    Emco Tech Ionizers are designed to produce high quality filtered ionized water from municipal (treated) water systems. However, treated municipal water in some areas of the country – such as parts of Arizona, Southern California, Texas, Utah, New Mexico and the mid west – and some well water sources may exceed the parameters mentioned below.

    If you have hard water, whether it is well or municipal, contact AlkaViva with the information mentioned below to assure years of dependable operation from your ionizer. If you are not certain about the hardness of your sources water, please consult with your local water provider and refer to the Water Quality article located in the back office in your resource section. Some municipal water is now being treated with chloramine instead of chlorine. Water treated with chloramine may require special pre-filtration.

    If your source water is from a well, it must be analyzed so that any pre-filtration needs can be addressed. This will ensure the performance and longevity of your investment.
    The information we require to insure maximum benefit and functionality are: TDS (total dissolved solids), hardness, pH, iron, and calcium.
    Your local County or State Health Agency may offer free or low cost water testing. We recommend contacting them first.
    If you have water softeners or other filtration in place, please get the water tested after this filtration, we want to know what is in the water going into the Ionizer.

    It is not recommended to use an ionizer without pretreatment in areas with water that has the following measurements:

    Hardness (or Calcium Carbonate) over 150ppm (8.5 grains)
    Iron over .3ppm,
    TDS below 40ppm or over 600ppm
    Calcium above 50ppm

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