Natural Restart Water




  • Re-Balances Your Blood
  • Balanced PH Levels
  • Enhanced Blood Sugar Levels
  • Boost Body’s Immunity
  • Eliminates Toxins, Chlorine & Chemicals
  • Superior Intense Hydration
  • 72 Absorbable Ionic Metals ü Superior Antioxidants
  • Superior Digestion Benefits
  • Stronger Immune Response
  • Increased Enzymes


  • Higher Healthy Mineral Levels
  • New Found Energy Levels
  • Defeats and Destroys Free


  • Stronger & healthier Muscles & Joints
  • Increases Oxygen Levels
  • Soothing / Repairing Skin issues, burns, bites & stings
  • Clear / Improved Skin – acne, & blemishes

Alka-Min by Natural Restart


contains coral calcium from Okinawa, which is documented to be the best quality coral calcium on the planet.  Our pristine coral is carefully harvested by hand using an environmentally friendly, government approved process.  This process produces the highest quality and structure of the minerals available and these minerals are easily assimilated by the body.  Alka-Min is made in a way that nourishes your body giving it the Building Blocks required to restore and repair itself.  Alka-Min creates a structured water that will optimize your health

It is a proven fact that the people of Okinawa live much longer than most, some up to 125 years old!  Scientists now believe that this is due to the coral calcium harvested from their pristine ocean reefs.  There is no life without water and there is also no life without minerals which are the all-important building blocks required to sustain the body, thereby empowering it to heal itself.  Alka-Min contains 65+ essential minerals and is structured in a way that allows the body to achieve significantly increased hydration and create the ability for the body to quickly and effectively utilize the ionized minerals provided.  It creates the perfect PH to balance the bodies systems, assisting in maintaining healthy alkaline levels.  Toxins enter our bodies via the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat.  Alka-Min also helps to gently detoxify the body to promote healthy cells.   When combined with our Electra-Lyte product your body should have everything it needs for correcting problems and maintaining excellent health.

Our products are safe for all ages and beneficial for pets and plants too.

100% pure guaranteed – No chemicals, caffeine, stimulants, fillers, or by products or substitutes.

Electra-Lyte Overview 

Supplemental Facts

  • Serving Size   4 Droppers (filled Half Way)
  • Servings Per. Container    30 Amount per serving    3.9 mg.
  • Organic Electrolyte Complex
  • Daily Value Not Established

Electra-Lyte by Natural Restart provides many of the minerals that are continuously and increasingly missing from the foods that we eat today.  We believe we are eating the right foods however the foods, even the more healthy ones, do not always contain the vitamins and minerals we believe they do.

This is because of serious soil depletion and todays big industry agricultural processes.  The food is structured differently when it is missing essential minerals.

These minerals break-down into ions and acquire the capacity to conduct electricity which is very important to all of our body functions and is required to maintain healthy cells.  Foods missing these minerals do not work properly in the body and do not promote excellent health.  Electra-Lyte provides the minerals and all of the structure and ingredients that are needed to maintain excellent health.

Electra-Lyte will fuel the body with an all-natural increase in energy, the way nature intended.  It also hydrates the cells more effectively due to how the molecules enhance the process in structured water.  And it does this without the negative side effects of products that contain sugar and caffeine.

Electra-Lyte contains plant proteins and minerals that are needed for excellent health.  And especially when combined with Alka-Min your body should have everything that it needs to maintain excellent health.

Product History

The ancient philosopher Pericles said: “sometimes the truth is so unbelievable, it escapes becoming known”.  In the extensive research that we did we found a not so obvious secret that has remained hidden, because it was so simple that it seemed unbelievable.   

Up to now we have basically only had two options in regards to health.  On one side, the medical establishment has led us to believe that the only way to restore health and eliminate pain is by taking toxic prescription drugs, or undergoing dangerous surgeries.  On the other side, the alternative, natural health practitioners did a great job allowing us have access to health through herbs, plants, spices and diets.

People working in the industry can see that there are a lot of problems to be solved.  Our goal is to solve the problems so we can help as many people as possible.  Here is one solution that will solve many problems.  We searched the world and found the healthiest people with the greatest longevity, in the Ryukyu Islands in the Okinawa Province of Japan.

The Ryukyu Islands in the Okinawa Province of Japan

In 1979 the Guinness Book of World Records documented, Shigechiyo Izumi, at the time he was 115 years old and he lived until he was 120 years and 237 days old!  Shigechiyo Izumi was not only recognized as the world’s longest surviving person, he also held a second world record for “the longest career.”  Mr. Izumi had worked as a farmer spanning 98 years until he retired at the young age of 105! He began smoking when he was old and regularly drank barley wine.

The publicity surrounding Mr. Izumi aroused the curiosity of the Japanese doctors and scientists, so they launched an official investigation to discover what was so unique about this man. The longevity researchers, the statistics Department of the Japanese Ministry of health did not have any idea what they were looking for and that is the definition of a truly double-blind study.

What they discovered was there were “four times as many people” over 100 year’s old living in Okinawa, than there were on the other Japanese islands.  According to the Japanese Ministry of Health, these people weren’t dying of the leading causes of death (cancer, heart disease, and stroke) at the same rate as those on the other islands either.

The truth stayed hidden until Professor Emeritus, Jun Kobayashi at Okayama University, determined the secret to their longevity, their waterProf. Kobayashi had been studying the water supplies all over the world, and especially in Japan, for about 40 years. He discovered that the water in Okinawa was different than the water on the other islands.


Product History

Okinawa is made of an ancient coral reef.  When it rains on the Okinawan islands, the water soaks into the ground and is enhanced by the coral minerals.

It becomes rich with highly absorbable ionic minerals, gains a higher (more alkaline) pH, becomes a super antioxidant and takes on the ideal molecular structure to, allow your cells to absorb higher amounts of water and nourish the body’s cells.  Okinawan water is superior to the water available on the other islands.  This very special source of nutrients and minerals made from the ocean’s coral reef creates water that is structured in a way that is usable by the body in order to allow the nutrients and minerals to be absorbed so that the body can rebuild itself at the cellular level.

This water has been restructured at the molecular level, by this very special source of ocean minerals, instantly transforming ordinary water into life giving healthy water.  One of the most important features of the water is that its structure allows it to easily be absorbed, hydrating the body at the cellular level, and it detoxifies the body at the same time.

Here are a few of the important ways that Alka-Min improves ordinary water:

  • Neutralizes chlorine and removes chemicals in tap water.
  • Changes water into antioxidant water by lowering the oxidation reduction potential (ORP).
  • RESTRUCTURES water molecules for better absorption and hydration by lowering the surface tension of the water.
  • Replenishes vital minerals and nutrients lost in water treatment and bottled water, especially distilled and reverse osmosis which have no minerals.

Alka-Min and Electra-Lyte are the premier products on the planet when it comes to mineral rich, alkaline, antioxidant waterIt is sold through Natural Restart directly to you.

Organic Mineral Complex

Our specialized high content Okinawa coral calcium minerals are a super concentrated benefit to the body, enhancing the body’s ability to use ions to conduct electricity.  In addition, it

not only increases energy but even better, it also contains the complex organic molecules naturally found in our foods.  Those organic molecules, are the components necessary to enhance the nutrients in our food, and the beneficial organic complexes which are the life force, that is the energy in our food.  The life force comes from trace elements of amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, and minerals which enhance the nutrients found in our harvested fruits and vegetables.

However, there is a proven and important issue with our food supply.  These building blocks have decreased so significantly in our food supply that one cannot get anywhere near enough of what is required, so there is a need to supplement the food we eat in order to stay healthy.   It has been proven repeatedly that our soils are extremely mineral deficient and are cheating us of what we need.  In addition to being mineral deficient it has also become a fact that our food supply is extremely nutrient deficient as well.  Worse yet, you cannot just fix the problem properly by consuming mineral supplements. You must have the nutrients of the plant.  If there are no nutrients and minerals in the soil then there will be none in the harvested produce either, and

we, the consumer, get the short end of the proverbial stick.  But even worse, the enhanced perception of so called organic produce means the crops are grown without chemicals and that’s good, but in today’s commercialized farming business world it still doesn’t mean that the soil the produce was grown in was properly enriched soil.

Plants are our production centers which are integral for good health and providing what the body needs.  When you buy items at the farmers market instead of the store, generally you will find the farmer’s market produce always tastes better.  It is true that the items from the farm are always sweeter and taste better.  When vegetables are growing they often change color while growing, this is due to the plants drawing on the mineral content of the soil because they are creating the nutrients and mineral content which is so very important to our physical health and well being.  The bottom line is that if there is nothing in the soil then nothing can come out.

The all-important truth: Growing produce needs minerals in the soil to make the truest, most nutrient rich fruits and vegetables.  Of course that flavor and sweetness is the real indicator of the soils mineral content and nutrient levels.  Farmers traditionally measure the sugar content (Brix reading) to find out the sweetness or sugar levels in the crops. This measurement can also check for the nutrient levels as well.  If the test comes out lower or different in sweetness, then the produce will have lower proteins, vitamins, and enzymes creating foods that do not meet the requirements necessary for maintaining good health.

This means that you are missing out on the very important organic materials which are the building blocks your body desperately needs. The good news is that our Alka-Min and our Electra-Lyte products absolutely are absolutely stocked full with everything you need for organically perfected minerals, nutrients, and molecular materials which provide these vital building blocks which are missing from our modern day food supply.  This in turn allows your body, your own master physician, to repair and rebuild as necessary.  These products are integral in helping to provide the building blocks for the body to do its job in repair and maintenance.  Our products work to create vital energy needed by the body and to provide the nutrients required that are deficient in the food supply.

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