Skeletal Anatomy & Bone Health | Health Newsletter

Date: 02/23/2013    Written by: Jon Barron
© 1999-2013 The Baseline of Health Foundation

Your Skeletal System

Your skeleton is the supporting structure for your body and the attachment for all your muscles. Or another way to look at it is that your skeletal system provides the levers that your muscles use to lift weight and do work. It also protects all of your major organs. In this issue of the newsletter, we’re going to make no attempt to teach you the names of all the bones in the human body. Unlike learning the names of the muscles, there is no inherent advantage to the lay person in learning those names. Instead, we’re going to focus on:

  • The divisions and functions of the skeletal system.
  • The anatomy of the bones.
  • The cells and minerals that make up those bones.
  • The various injuries that can affect your bones.
  • The primary diseases of bones.
  • How to optimize bone health.

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